1. Home Page

Here, you can click to the slide menu to access more features, and also click into one of the four lesson categories available. Choose your favourite to start with!

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2. Main Menu

Access other features from here.

  • Inbox

    Chat with your instructors here once you have successfully booked their lessons.

  • Favourites

    You can access the lessons you have bookmarked here. No lessons will be displayed if you have not favourited any lessons.

  • Bookings

    View the details of your upcoming classes here. No lessons will be displayed if you have not made any bookings.

  • Wallet

    View your lesson payments here. You can also check to see your accumulated Sifu points, and convert Sifu points into Sifu Dollars.

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3. Lesson Listings

Browse through video listings of instructors in a particular category. Lesson price, lesson location, and lesson type (personal or group) are all displayed. Once something catches your eye, simply click into the listing to view the instructor's video and other details.

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4. Lesson Details

View instructor's video, instructor's profile, and book the lesson instantly.

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5. Book a Lesson Date

Book your preferred date and time for the class, and proceed to pay instantly.

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6. Lesson Payment

Pay for the class conveniently without having to leave the app.

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