Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sifu-Sifu?

Sifu-Sifu is an instructor-booking app that connects instructors and students from all areas through videos, real-time scheduling & interactive chat. Through this in-app community, you can find instructors from martial arts, sports and fitness, yoga, dance, education and many other areas.

Which mobile platforms is Sifu-Sifu available on?

Sifu-Sifu is available on Android and iOS.

Which countries is Sifu-Sifu available in?

Our talented instructors are based in Singapore and Malaysia, and are ready for bookings. We are always expanding, Sifu-Sifu is available for download in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand.

Can I find instructors using the Sifu-Sifu website?

Sifu-Sifu instructors are currently only available for booking through our mobile application, although you can visit our website at

Is Sifu-Sifu for me?

Of course! As long as you’re interested to learn something new, Sifu-Sifu will be a great fit for you. Sifu-Sifu is committed to encourage learning across all ages, and we will do our best to help you find an instructor that you will be happy with.

Can I find instructors for group lessons or individual lessons?

You can find both group lessons and individual lessons in our Sifu-Sifu app. However, not all instructors offer both options, so be sure to double check before you book a class!

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What can I find instructors for?

You can find instructors from martial arts, sports and fitness, yoga, dance, education and many other areas.
In the event there is something you are interested in and you do not find it listed on Sifu-Sifu, please send us an email at and we will strive to find a suitable instructor for you.

Are Sifu-Sifu instructors qualified?

We encourage our instructors to post relevant certificates, CVs, and experience, in order to provide students with a comprehensive view of their profile and background.
We also require instructors to send in a video of themselves highlighting their lesson outlines and what students can expect to learn from them.
We do not perform a background check on an instructor's stated credentials, however, we seek to provide you with information and tools to make the best informed decision regarding which instructor is suited for you. We always urge you to be prudent and take appropriate care when selecting instructors.
Sifu-Sifu treats any false declarations extremely seriously and in the event you come across an instructor’s profile that is untrue or contains misrepresentations, please report it at

Can I choose instructors based on day of the week and time?

In Sifu-Sifu, we want to create as much flexibility for schedules as possible – for both instructors and students. You can view time slots based on the instructor you choose, and you can always chat with your instructor through our in-app chat to find something that works for both of you!

Does Sifu-Sifu only cater to individual instructors, or can I book lessons with institutions as well?

Currently, Sifu-Sifu provides listings for individual instructors, who either teach at their location or travel to your specified location, and may conduct individual or group lessons.

What is Sifu points?

You can accumulate Sifu points when you share the app with your friends. You are also rewarded with Sifu points whenever you successfully book and pay for a class. You can then convert Sifu points into Sifu Dollars under the "Wallet" function.

Can my Sifu points be used in both Singapore and Malaysia?

When you successfully book and pay for a class in Singapore, you get rewarded in Singapore Sifu points. If you book and pay for a class in Malaysia, you get rewarded in Malaysia Sifu points. Singapore Sifu points can only be converted to Singapore Sifu Dollars, while Malaysia Sifu points can only be converted to Malaysia Sifu Dollars. You can only use Sifu Dollars in their designated country. 1000 Sifu Points can be converted to 1 Sifu Dollar. 1 Sifu Dollar is equivalent to SGD 1 / MYR 1.

What is Sifu dollars? What happens when I cancel a class?

When you cancel a class, the payment will be refunded as Sifu Dollars. Sifu Dollars can be used to pay for your next purchase.

Tell me more about the Sifu chat function?

After you booked a class, use our chat messaging function to get to know your instructor better. Have any burning questions about the class you signed up for? This is the best way to satisfy your curiosity.

Ask anything about the class – what you should bring, how to prepare yourself, or even the intensity level. Don’t be afraid, our instructors are friendly people!

Tell me more about the Sifu payment system.

Sifu-Sifu uses a secure payment platforms to ensure that money is fully collected and safe.

When you cancel a class, the payment will be refunded as Sifu Dollars. Sifu Dollars can be used to pay for your next purchase.

What is the Sifu cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel a class that you signed-up for, you will need to cancel it according to the instructor’s cancellation policy.

If I buy a package can I reschedule classes?

If you need to reschedule classes in the package that you signed up for, you will need to refer to the instructor’s Package Policy ( stated under Lesson Outline).
There are 3 kinds of Package Policies:
Flexible Package: Lessons are able to be rescheduled.
Fixed Package: Lessons are NOT able to be rescheduled. You must attend all the classes in the packages at the specified date and time. No make-up classes are given if any classes are missed.
Monthly Package: Lessons in the monthly package expires one month from date of first class.
To avoid disappointment, do read the instructors' Package Policy thoroughly before booking any packages. Alternatively, you can enquire with your instructor directly through the chat function in our app.