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FAQ for Instructors


Here, you can reply messages left by students, check class bookings and payments all at one go.

  • Simple & Quick Access

    Have one-click access to your lesson schedule, Sifu wallet, chat function and lesson list.

  • Add New Lesson

    Quickly add a new lesson from the dashboard.

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Create Profile

We’re as excited as you are to begin your first lesson, but before we go into creating a lesson listing, why not take a couple of minutes to fill out your Sifu-Sifu instructor profile? This lends you credibility to potential students – try to include all possible relevant experiences in your profile.

  • Profile Photo

    This should be a shot of your face. People tend to recognise and remember faces better than names, so try to look friendly and smile!

  • Cover Photo

    Add a cover photo to make your profile look more attractive.

  • Bio

    Add a short (max 150 words) description of yourself and what you do/how you started your practice.

  • Experience

    Here, you can list any past experiences or competitions that you have taken part in that are relevant to what you are teaching. Try to include things that will make you seem trustworthy and credible.

  • Gallery

    You can add up to four relevant photos of your skills to let other users get to know you and what you practice better.

  • Address

    Have a studio/place ready to conduct your lessons? Link it to your profile so that customers can find your place easily. Alternatively, you can choose to hold your lessons at the students' place.

  • All done? Just click “Apply changes” to save your profile.

Create Lesson

Create your lessons here, and once it is approved, you are ready to teach!

  • Lesson Name

    Give your lesson a headline; make it a creative one to stand out from the crowd!

  • Lesson Outline

    Write a short summary on what students can expect to learn from your class, or just a short description of your lesson plan.

  • Set Lesson Type & Lesson Size

    Conduct either one-to-one classes or group lessons; whichever you are more comfortable with (alternatively, you can create separate listings for individual or group lessons).For group lessons, set a maximum number of students allowed for each lesson.

  • Set Location

    Have a studio ready? Enter your address here or let students choose where they prefer the lesson to be held for one-to-one lessons (your address/ student's location).

  • Set Standard Price

    Earn money doing what you love. Here at Sifu-Sifu, we let you decide how much you want to be paid. Just set a standard price and create package discounts for customers who want to sign up for more than one lesson.

  • Set Lesson Duration

    Let students know the duration for each lesson.

  • Set Lesson Schedule

    You have the flexibility to only teach on days that you are free. Select the dates and times that you are free.

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Singapore Payment Setup

For Sifu-Sifu instructors based in Singapore, you need to set up a Stripe account to receive payments from students. Simply access the "Wallet" function, and click on the Stripe icon on the top right hand side. Click "Connect with Stripe", fill up your details, and you are good to go!

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Malaysia Payment Setup

For Sifu-Sifu instructors based in Malaysia, you need to connect your bank account in Malaysia to the app to receive payments from students. Simply access the "Wallet" function, and click on the Bank icon on the top right hand side. Input your bank details and you are good to go!

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  • Lesson Schedule

    Your schedule will be shown in a listing here. You can view the bookings you have, and the number of students attending each lesson.

    Manage your lessons here - click into each lesson to chat with students from each lesson easily.

    Lesson Schedule
  • Sifu Wallet

    Have a hard time keeping track of your payments? Just go over to your Sifu Wallet to view your earnings – organised by class, month or week.

    Sifu Wallet
  • Lesson List

    View all your lessons here.

    It takes a maximum of 24hours for our office to approve your listing, so please bear with us. Check your inbox regularly for our confirmation email – we will send you an email once its approved and ready-to-go!

    Lesson List
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