Q: Can I choose when to teach?
A: Sifu-Sifu tries to make teaching as flexible as possible so that you can pursue other activities too. Set up your own lesson schedule and fix an hourly rate/ package prices. You can choose when you want to teach, and for how much. Set the dates and time-slots that you want to teach on our interactive calendar for your students to choose from.
We understand that sometimes, things pop-up and schedules get messy, but Sifu-Sifu tries to make it as easy as possible. If there are no existing bookings for your classes yet, simply change the schedule using the app. Select the class you would like to edit under "Lesson List", click on the Edit icon, and edit the schedule for the class. Remember to save your changes!
If there are existing bookings for your classes, chat with your students to make sure they are fine with it and inform them about the new class schedule.

Q: Can I choose where to teach?
A: Yes, choose where you want to host lessons! If you prefer to have it in your own studio, key in your address in the app so your students can easily find the place. Else, holding lessons at your student’s preferred location is possible too.

Q: Do I have to keep track of all my lesson timings?
A: Sifu-Sifu’s interactive calendar and lesson listing will help you keep track of all these. Turn on your post-notifications to receive reminders 24-hours before your class starts. We strive to take all the administrative hassle out of teaching so you can have a fun time while earning some extra cash!

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