Q: Where can I plan my lessons?
A: Start planning your classes by clicking the “ADD NEW LESSON” button at the bottom of the main screen in the app.
Here, you can add in your video, plan your schedule, set your lesson size, location, price and many more. You set the availability for your lessons.
We try to make lessons fully customisable for you so you can teach in an environment which works best for both you and your students. In our app, you can decide whether to offer package deals, group classes and/or individual lessons – it’s all up to you!

Q: Ok I’m done, can I start teaching now?
A: Hold on a minute, we know you’re eager to start but give our team some time (max 1 working day) to approve your lesson and instructor profile. Then, you can start earning money doing what you love!
Click "Walkthrough" on the Navigation Bar above to take a look at our instructor’s walkthrough page for more detailed instructions :-)