Q: What are our community guidelines?
A: Sifu-Sifu aims to foster a community-based environment where learning can be exciting and enjoyable. Contribute to the goodwill of this community and be as authentic as possible. To protect the learning spirit here in Sifu-Sifu, we want to create a safe and relatable environment for everyone.

We created the community guidelines to help protect the spirit of this close-knitted community.

These are just some guidelines to follow:
• Share only authentic videos and photos that you have taken or have the permission to share.
• Respect other members of the community.
• Cultivate a diverse community of sharing and learning.
• Treat fellow users as your neighbours or even friends. Everyone has their own different style of teaching, so we hope you will respect that. This way we can have an edifying environment where people help each other to grow in different ways.
• Avoid content that contains derogatory speech or harmful threats, or whose primary purpose is inciting hatred and sowing discord.
• Do not upload videos with sexually suggestive content, including partial nudity and sexual humor.
• Do not upload videos that contain violence, such as display of serious injury and events related to violent extremism.
• Do not discriminate against race, religion, ethnicity, disability, gender, age, nationality etc.

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