Q: I just finished teaching a class. Will I receive payment straightaway?
A: 24 hours after the class ends, payment will be deposited into your Sifu wallet. You will then be able to withdraw this amount from your Sifu wallet. You should receive your payment by two hours after the withdrawal. If you experience any delays in payment, please call the PayPal hotline at 6510 4650.

Q: How do I receive payment?
A: Sifu-Sifu uses PayPal to provide a secure platform for easy payments—you never deal with the hassle of late fees and messy payments.
You will need to create a PayPal account to receive payments for your lessons. You can create one here: https://www.paypal.com/sg/signup/account, it takes less than 10 minutes! :-)

Q: Does Sifu-Sifu charge a service fee?
A: Sifu-Sifu charges a 10% service fee on each reservation, but listing your lessons on Sifu-Sifu is free. This helps us to continue to provide a reliable and fuss-free platform for instructors like you.

Q: Is there a minimum fee I can charge for my lessons?
A: You must charge a minimum of SGD$10 for a single class in order for your transaction to be processed.

Q: How much should I charge?
A: This is entirely up to you, but additional PayPal charges will be reflected to students at a higher price. For example, if you set the standard price at $30, you will earn SGD 27 after Sifu’s 10% service fee. Lesson prices will be reflected to students as SGD 33 to include PayPal charges.